Two-year-old Lola recently celebrated two important milestones in her life. She celebrated her 2nd birthday with her twin sister Ivy, and she was fitted with her first Hart Walker, through Scope GoKids enabling her to stand on her own.  

GoKids recognises the importance of a child’s early development by providing expert advice and support for children with profound and complex mobility needs by assessing them for appropriate mobility devices, including the Hart Walker.

A Hart Walker is a specialised mobility device that introduces and enables a child to experience independent walking, allowing their hands to be free to interact with their surroundings.

The difference a Hart Walker can make in the life of a child with a disability, such as cerebral palsy, is significant, and this wouldn’t happen without the generous support of our community.

With your ongoing help, we can continue to expand and provide services such as Scope GoKids, and work towards creating a more inclusive and accessible society.


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Positive effects of a Hart Walker #1

A Hart Walker enables a child to experience hands free walking which offers the opportunity for more exploration of their environment. 

Positive effects of a Hart Walker #2

A Hart Walker has over 1,000 parts - this means that it can be adjusted and modified enabling it to grow with the child.

Positive effects of a Hart Walker #3

Hart Walkers also have many positive effects on the body including the digestive and respiratory system.