​​​​​​Vivienne was about one when Vanessa, Vivienne’s Mum, knew something was not right. “She was not making any sounds, no babbling, nothing” Vanessa said.

Vanessa immediately started to find out as much as she could to help Vivienne learn to communicate in other ways. Treating communication and language difficulties early on can prevent potential issues with behaviour, learning, reading and social interaction.

She heard about Scope’s program Kids Chat 2 You and eagerly attended one of the workshops that provided information about communication aids, resources and supports that are available.

“I was advised to attend a Kids Chat 2 You Scope workshop and it was the best thing I could’ve done. The speech pathologists were so helpful and generous with the information they provided.”

Kids Chat 2 You developed a personalised communication aid for Vivienne to allow her to get her messages across at home and at childcare.

“Vivienne loves her book. Her face lights up and she is really excited to have ownership over her ability to communicate.”

Vivienne is now 4 years old and Vanessa is so happy to see her developing friendships and engaging in communication at childcare and with her younger brother.

Please help us continue to deliver our vital programs such as Kids Chat 2 You – giving the children we support a real way to connect to their world.

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Vivienne has a customised communication book with symbols and pictures that enable her to share information about the things that she has done in her day.

Non-electronic communication aids can help reduce anxiety, resistance to change, and support independence now and in the future.

Many children who receive a non-electronic aid experience increased connections at home, increased verbal language and increased participation at school.